Nice Bundles and Scary Sales

Not a lot happening news wise in the Indie/Hobby GameDev scene, so here are a few posts you might have missed over on Gamasutra:

I see a lot of fear over Valve allowing developers more freedom, but I think if you need to “control” a market to keep it profitable, you’re already not in control. Good, bad, or ugly the model and method of selling games is changing, but worry not you do not have to change: survival is not mandatory =)

“Valve has just announced that developers will now be in charge of their own pricing on Steam. This is the beginning of PC games prices drifting downwards, with an endpoint of zero. Here’s why.” …

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It great to see these posts detailing the numbers behind sales and bundles. As expected, the king of the bundles is not really so humble and pays okay.

Monaco just finished up its two week run in Humble Indie Bundle 11. Here’s a quick dump of the stats, the revenue, and theories as to improving future performance.

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No surprise here, this is pretty much what Autodesk does – buy competition and kill it. I will miss Softimage if for no other reason than, for a while, it was free to XNA Creators Club members and I modeled my first mech with it.

Autodesk announced today that it will cease updating its 3D modeling and animation utility Softimage in April. The final version, Softimage 2015, will reportedly ship around April 14. …

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Asheron’s Call was the second MMO I spent a lot of time with (the first was Ultima Online). I’ve actually looked at activating my account again and playing with my daughters, but the subscription price of $13/mo per account seemed a little steep for the age of the game. I have a lot of respect for Turbine and the developers behind AC for creating an MMO that wasn’t your typical Tolkienesque setting. Wi Flagged For Life!

Turbine has stated that the content update released today for Asheron’s Call will be the last. There is no plan to add more content to the game. …

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