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Great write up on using analytics to tweak game design.

Social game developers often use analytics, but how do you capture player data for a traditional genre, the 2D platformer? This post shows how one team did it. …

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This is a great insight to some of the extremes of the indie game development community. One of these days I’ll get around to writing up the “best” we saw at GameMarx (and by “best” I mean “worst”).

The Wrong Image Since starting Indie Gamer Chick on July 1, 2011, I’ve met literally thousands of people involved in indie game development. Typically, they are the coolest men and women on the planet. The type of people I would want to be friends with. Humble and grateful, eager

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If you are not already, you should be listening to the Idle Thumbs Podcast. Probably the best game developer podcast going right now and one of the few places left that hold honest discussions of current games.

Joins new studio Campo Santo

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This is a great high level breakdown by the level designer how to craft an engaging procedurally generated level system. I swear spell check, “procedurally” is a word!

A level designer who was personally invested in hand-authored content describes exactly how her team approaches procedurally generated content in its games — step by step. …

Read Level design in a procedurally generated game

The reasons given are worth considering, but skips over the case where sometimes you just want the “standard” agreement so you can move in. In our case we needed a company split equally among three owners and LegalZoom was perfect. I think before you consider a lawyer or DIY site you should just talk with everyone involved and work out the details and goals, and only then formalize it.

LegalZoom and other online companies performing “legal-type” services for less than the average lawyer-rates may be enticing at first, but it’s a trap.

Read Why You Should Never Use LegalZoom or use DIY Online Documents – by Jonathan Sparks

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