The Evil of EA, Inside Steam OS, Amazon Game Studios, and What’s in Tim’s Box?

Nice write up on using a Steam Machine as a dev kit for testing, and also how to get under the hood of Steam OS in general.

Get a Steam Machine? This post explains how to turn it into a dev machine, enabling “easy deployment of software, remote control (starting and killing of processes, grabbing screenshots), and remote debugging.” …

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EA’s “Rate this app” screen only takes you to Google’s Play store if you rate the game 5 stars, any less and you are redirected to an internal EA forum, keeping negative feedback internal and private. Aside from the obvious, disgusting, EA behavior this should be the kind of thing Google takes an app down for – it’s in effect manipulating review scores shown to new customers.

The Android version of EA’s Dungeon Keeper does its best to prevent users from providing negative feedback. Continue reading…

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The pitches at the end of the video are great. Double Fine is really becoming any amazingly creative studio, well beyond just “Tim’s Studio”. I think I can say this is the only studio I would want to work for.

Double Fine Productions is opening up its annual internal two-week game jam, Amnesia Fortnight, to the public again this year through the Humble Bundle website, the studio announced today. Amnesia Fortnight, which Double Fine started doing in 2007, is a period during which everyone at the studio stops what they’re

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With the Ouya struggling to gain marketshare, the SteamBox out of the price range for most, and both the PS4 and XboxOne lacking in games, is there room for another console in the market? It is amazon however, so would free “Games with Prime” get you to buy a system?

Online retailer, tablet-maker, and media streamer Amazon has extended its reach further with the purchase of Double Helix Games, best known of late for developing the reboot of Killer Instinct for the Xbox One launch. TechCrunch was the first to report the acquisition, and Amazon soon confirmed it, saying in

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