Twitch #winning, Free-to-play… sadly also #winning

This is a good overview of the current state of Free-to-play and the opinions around existing implementations. I think one part missing from the discussion is the types of gamers who are playing mostly F2P titles. I would wager that these gamers are not the typical “serious” gamer most developers target with their games, and thus leave “casual” gamer to the conglomerate F2P wolves.

“Vampiric. The concept of a game out to make less of your time stuns me. This game, and games of its ilk, set out, set out to make your un-paid time less valuable than the time you paid for.” …

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This is impressive, also impressive is the PS4 accounts for 20% of steams. Given that Let’s Plays are YouTube top content how long before someone tried to bring back G4?

Streaming service had fourth highest peak traffic share for week ending Feb. 3

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