New Video Series: Mike Plays

I just post a few gameplay videos on YouTube.  I’m kicking around a few idea for video content on the and rather than spend a whole lot of effort figuring out what that should be I’m just going to post things and see what sticks.

The first was really a test of live streaming gameplay.  I used Minecraft and to be honest, there is not much value in watching this video.  Think of it more like eating ramen noodles – not great, but not bad and no real nutritional value.

Next are some video where I play older games I feel have some value to game developers today.  These are not Extra Credits multi-vitamin  supplements packed full of rainbows and puppies, but more like small packets of trail mix with some M&Ms mixed in – mostly good for you.

First is a look at Bosconian and Kobo Deluxe, the two games behind one of my current game projects Draco Wing.

Next is a look at Dig Dug and Mr. Do!, two games that came out almost at the same time and Dig Dug being a warm fuzzy memory of my childhood.

Last I take a look at Galaxian and Galaga.  Galaxian started life as a Space Invaders clone but then evolved into it’s sequel Galaga one of the best early arcade games ever released.

Going forward I already have an idea of some of the games I want to feature. Not all will be games I’ve played before, some I will play for the first time and give my thoughts "live".  If you have any comments please share!

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