Words of Wisdom for New Indie Game Developers

In our local game design meetup group, member Levi D. Smith crossed the threshold of hobbyist to indie by releasing for sale his first game, Resistor.  The group as a whole encourage him to release the game for the learning experience.  After his release, Josh Ferguson of Chaosoft Games shared this wisdom, which I’ve adapted to share with any developer after the release of their first commercial game.

26499410Sweet. See, now you’ve arrived at the part where shit gets real. You’re dealing with sales & marketing & reviews, which to a large extent is the most important phase of game development. It’s the part you can’t even imagine until your first game is actually out – the part where you have to quickly develop a thick skin and watch all your hopes and dreams of becoming the next indie sensation die on the vine. I really hope that you’ll get enough sales to see a payout. But even more, I hope you’ll use as a way to lay the groundwork for an even bigger project. 

                      — Josh Ferguson, Chaosoft Games

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