Tomorrow on GameMarx: David Johnston of Smudget Cat Games

No it’s not Thursday, and no that’s not an error.  The podcast this week will be on Saturday at 10 AM EST (3 PM GMT).

Our guest this week will be David Johnston of Smudget Cat Games.  David is not only a veteran game developer of Xbox Box Live Indie Games, but also Xbox Live Arcade with The Adventures of Shuggy, a game that started as an entry into Dream Build Play.  Shuggy has become an unstoppable juggernaut with the recent announcement that the game will be coming to steam June 13th!  “Unstoppable juggernaut” may seem like an exaggeration to some, but for many indie game developers it’s the step that could lead to the Big Break™.

The podcast is recorded live at 10 AM Est. Saturday morning.  Join us at and chat with the show cast and other viewers.  If you miss the show don’t worry, it will be posted to theGameMarx YouTube Channel and the GameMarx Podcast.

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