Tonight on GameMarx: Sean Young of SmashGames talks Unity 2D

Picc.largeOur topic tonight will be using Unity, a 3D game engine, for 2D games.  Joining us tonight is Sean Young of SmashGames.  Sean is currently working on his third title with Unity for 2D development.

Sean Young is a freshman at UCF studying computer science. Game development has always been interest, but when a colleagues showed him the Unity3D engine he began making games. In Sean’s own words, “I love just about everything that has to do with game development (besides marketing of course) from art to music to programming.”

Sean founded SmashGames and has developed two games for Android: Backyard Zombies and Speed Math.  He is currently working on a 2D mech game.  Hells ya.


Backyard Zombies:

Backyard Zombies Kickstarter:

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