GameMarx Giveaway Survey Results

The GameMarx Indie Mega-Pack Giveaway is over now, congratulations to MaxShrek, scion of tea, Ruebals, Forenzik xx, DittosWorld3910, and Will Tomorrow!  Each person that entered the completed a short survey.  After cleaning up the results, there were 168 surveys completed – you can download the results at

Below are some of the results.  Keep in mind that there is a bit of selection bias in the results – the giveaway was only mentioned on Xbox Live Indie Game sites.  To hear some of our thoughts on the results, check out the latest podcast starting around the 56 minute mark.








The survey also had a few open ended questions, however the system used to record the results truncated the responses.  I really wish there was a way I could go back and fix this as many respondents provided great answers.  Some hilights (all answers are in the download above)

Favorite Xbox Live Indie Games?

Blocks that matter, Arkedo series-Pixel, Total Miner, Apple Jack

Pretty much all of the titles from Radiangames, as well as a burning love for milkstone games.

I maed a game with zombies in it, Soulcaster, Dead Pixels, Avatar Legends.
This is all based off of playing demos. I’m still trying to decide where my meager amount of points should go :P

Cthulhu Saves the World,Weapon Of Choice,Streets of Fury,Shoot 1UP,Score Rush,Plague,Nasty,Laser Cat,Explosionade,Half Brick Echoes,Decimation X3,Apple Jack

Inca Blocks!!! (Really don’t have a large history w/ downloading Indies)

Groov. By a long shot. It’s easy to pickup, it’s always different, and I love the element of being able to create my own music through the way I play the game. It hits all the right buttons, and I can’t get enough.

try not to fart is hellarious

Breath of Death VII, Epic Dungeon and Protect Me Knight

Anything SKA Studios, Dishwasher, Dishwasher Vampire Smiles, CANT Wait for Charlie Murder!!!

Any comments on XBLIGs you want to share?

Great platform for upcoming developers that’s sadly over-saturated with poor titles making the gems hard to find in the sea of mediocrity.

Finding great XBLIG games is like finding a diamond in the rough. Theres a lot of games that I would never touch but there are some real sparks of creativity that grab me.

Price is important. With weekly deals dropping professional XBLA games down to the 200-600 point range, it can be hard to justify 240 or more points for an XBLIG. These days I personally don’t consider buying them if they are above 80 points.

I enjoy Indie Games as not only can I buy lots of them without breaking the bank balance, they often offer unique gameplay, which AAA titles are afraid to diverse into. Many have surprisingly good art work and it’s good to support the effort that goes into

For as much garbage as there is on the XBLIG marketplace there are quite a few gems but too it’s a shame the best games don’t get enough spotlight.

I hope that XNA SDK and community continues to progress with Windows 8 and the next Xbox

If XBLIGs had achievements I’m sure I would have downloaded loads of them by now.

XBLIGs have so much potential if only the average Xbox owner would take them seriously. Even just a more respectable position in the marketplace could make a world of difference.

I think Microsoft had squandered its opportunity with XBLIG in a way that ultimately benefits noone. As much as I love some of the titles that have come about it

My God.. it’s full of crap.

The survey also asked “Favorite Gaming News Sites?” and “Favorite Mainstream Xbox Games?” and you can fine the response to these in the full results above.

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