GameMarx’s 2011 Xbox Indie Award Show Tonight (and some charts)!

Tonight’s podcast will be the live broadcast of the first ever Xbox Live Indie Games award show!  We promise it will include more game related content than some other game award shows!  Tune in to the live show at 10 PM EST at, or catch it Saturday via the podcast or youtube.   We will also be releasing special video recaps next week.

In the mean time, here are some charts from the data at  The first charts are the breakdown of the 743 games by price, genre, and month released:




This next chart shows the top 10 games by “world rating” – the weighted (by vote count) average of the game’s rating across all regions, for games released in 2011, and then again broken down by genre.  Some genres have more than 10 listed because of ties, and Microsoft Excel is a dick.



This next chart required a bit of explanation.  For each region, shows a Best Selling Today list.  Each day, the positions of all games are recorded at  I took this data and created a top 25 games list by sorting the games by average position on the best selling list for the days the game was available.  I also weighted each region’s list by the number of votes from that region.  The purpose here, is if you take a large grain of salt, this list is the top grossing games by daily sales average (instead of all time total, which would heavily favor games released early in the year).  I would love to compare this to the real revenue data for the games released in 2011 to see just how accurate this crazy method is!


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