GameMarx 2011 XBLIG Game Awards Recap

Here is the recap of our personal Top 10 games of 2011 lists and our GameMarx 2011 Xbox Indie Awards.  To hear the discussions behind each category, check out podcast EP71 – 2011 Game Award Show.


GameMarx 2011 Xbox Indie Game Awards

Dylan’s Top 10 Games of 2011
Cicelie’s Top 10 Games of 2011
Mike’s Top 10 Games of 2011

Most Blatant Ripoff

Nominees: FortressCraft Chapter 1, CastleMiner, Total Miner: Forge, Fishcraft / Angry Fish, Avatar Farm

Fishcraft Angry Fish
Fishcraft / Angry Fish

Most Misleading Box Art

Nominees: Akane the Kunoichi, Bunker Buster, Temple of Dogolrak, Off Balance, The Charge

Temple of Dogolrak
Temple of Dogolrak

Weirdest Ironic Hipster Humor

Nominees: The Skyfish series, the GHXYK2 series

GHXYK2 Classics Vol. 1 SWASHBUCKEL UR SEATBELTS RE: Get To Schol On Time
The GHXYK2 Series

Most Squandered Potential

Nominees: Crazy Hobo, President John America Saves America, A Pimp RPG

Crazy Hobo
Crazy Hobo

Creepiest Attempt at “Sex-Sells”

Nominees: Spermatozoon, Can You Handle 2 At Once?, Moe Mekuri 2.5

Can You Handle 2 At Once?
Can You Handle 2 At Once?

Uncanniest Valley

Nominees: Incident of Dreamy Vale Church, Blackstone – Part One, Bureau – Agent Kendall, Colonies: Neociv

Bureau - Agent Kendall
Bureau – Agent Kendall

Best Use of FMV

Nominees: Bloody Mary, Sword and Hammer, Hell’s House

Hell's House
Hell’s House

Best “With Avatars” Sellout

Nominees: Wacky Waving I. A. F. Avatars; Avatar’s Rock Paper Scissors; Avatar Workout; Avatar Snake; Dude, Where’s My Avatar?; Avatar Gold Grab X-mas Version

Wacky Waving I. A. F. Avatars
Wacky Waving I. A. F. Avatars

Best Finger To “The Man”

Nominees: Game Type, DLC Quest, Why Did I Buy This?

Game Type
Game Type

Best 2011 Game Released in 2010

Nominees: Cthulhu Saves the World, Cursed Loot

Cthulhu Saves the World
Cthulhu Saves the World

Best Retro Throwback

Nominees: Ionball, Wizorb, Battle High: San Bruno, Insanity X

Battle High: San Bruno
Battle High: San Bruno

Most Ambitious Design

Nominees: Avatar Adventurers Online, Alpha Squad, Raventhorne, Battle for Venga Islands

Avatar Adventurers Online
Avatar Adventurers Online

Best Use of Zombies

Nominees: Attack of the Zombie Horde; Dead Pixels; Undead Empire; Zombie Death Zone; I, Zombie; Zombies Ruined My Day

Dead Pixels
Dead Pixels

Best Looking Graphics

Nominees: Orbitron: Revolution, radiangames Ballistic, Lil’ Demons: Splatter, Infinity Danger, Shifters, T.E.C. 3001, TIC: Part 1

TIC: Part 1

Dylan’s Top 10 for 2011

  1. Sequence
  2. Battle High: San Bruno
  3. Dark Delve
  4. Dead Pixels
  5. LaserCat
  6. Avatar Legends
  7. Wizorb
  8. Doom & Destiny
  9. Laser Logic
  10. Solve It – Pack 1

Cicelie’s Top 10 for 2011

  1. Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES
  2. PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death
  3. Avatar Legends
  4. Wizorb
  5. Bonded Realities
  6. LaserCat
  7. Wizard’s Keep
  8. GrappleBoy
  9. FishCraft
  10. FortressCraft Chapter 1

Mike’s Top 10 for 2011

  1. Solar Struggle: Survival
  2. Junk Fields
  3. Mute Crimson
  4. Escape Goat
  5. Nyan Cat Adventure
  6. DLC Quest
  7. Hidden in Plain Sight
  8. Moe Mekuri 2
  9. Fatal Seduction
  10. Can You Handle 2 At Once?

Game of the Year 2011 Runner-Up

Battle High: San Burno
Battle High: San Bruno

GameMarx Game of the Year 2011

radiangames Ballistic
radiangames Ballistic

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