Xbox 2011 Dashboard: The Movie

The previous Dashboard update, Microsoft buried Indie Games under “Speciality Shops”, I made a bunch of blog posts to raise attention.  Thing is, Microsoft does not listen to developers and the only thing Microsoft has responded to is issues that hit mainstream.  So this year, I decided on a video approach.

In case anyone still reads blog posts, here is the list of items from a year ago which are still true today:

  • XBLIG can not connect to the Internet
  • XBLIG can not have Achievements, nor use the term
  • XBLIG can not have high score Leaderboards
  • XBLIG can not charge more than $5 for a game
  • XBLIG can not be played offline
  • XBLIG can not be played by a non-Live account
  • XBLIG box art / titles do not show in the friends list when you are playing an XBLIG title
  • XBLIG titles do not show in your game history
  • XBLIG titles are separated in the Marketplace from other games

If I was a consiperacy nut, I’d think Microsoft does not want Indie games to compete with their partners, and the $15 price for a new XBLA or $60 price tag for a new game has no threats.  However, I’m a sane person and can see that Steam has no problem mixing AAA and Indies, and I’m sure Microsoft sees this too.

If it’s not intentional though, does that just leave lazy and incompentent?

Update: The new iOS app doesn’t list Xbox Indies either.