Announcing the GameMarx Indie Mega-Pack Giveaway!

Head over to to enter to win a collection of over 50 Xbox Live Indie Games!

Why are you doing this? is changing focus and no longer doing XBLIG reviews.  We’ve loved covering the XBLIG scene, but now it’s time for us to go back to being game developers and stop playing at being game journalists. focus will become more developer centric for indie and hobbyist game developers.  We’ll leave the reviews to the many qualified sites on the internet, many of which can be found at, which we will continue to host and support.

But this has left us with a stack of review codes!  So we contacted the developers to get permission to give them away.  We could give them out one at the time, but where is the fun it that?  It’s a Thunderdome-winner-take-all giveaway!  We did have some duplicate codes left over, so we’ll give these out as “mini packs” leading up to the big giveaway Friday December 30, 2011.

We also thought it would be fun to run a survey with the contest.  Many of the items on the survey have been the basis for debates among the XBLIG scene.  We don’t expect this survey will settle any arguments, but it will be interesting to see the data!

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