Tonight on GameMarx: Daniel Steger of Stegersaurus Games

Stegersaurus Games is a longer time developer of Xbox Live Indie Games, including Baby Maker Extreme (and sequel),  Can You Handle 2 At Once, and one of my personal favorites This Is Hard.  Stegersaurus Games has even been mentioned a few times on G4TV:

Stegersaurus Games current project is Pixel Animator 3D. Pixel Animator 3D will be an animation studio for the Xbox 360 using voxels (think Minecraft blocks) as the basic drawing unit. A glimpse into what is possible is below:

Daniel Steger and Stegersaurus Games: Twitter | Website | Youtube

The podcast is recorded live at 10 PM Est. Friday night.  Join us at and chat with the show cast and other viewers.  If you miss the show don’t worry, it will be posted to the GameMarx YouTube Channel and the GameMarx Podcast.


Happy Birthday Steger!

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