Win 1600 Microsoft Points at is giving away up to 3 Xbox Live point codes good for 1600 Microsoft Point each (that’s $20 USD on the Ballmer Exchange).  From the site:

Entering into the drawing is very simple.  In fact, there are twenty-three possible ways you can do it.  If you do them all, you would have twenty-three chances to win.  How slick is that?  All you have to do is follow me on Facebook or Twitter to earn one entry each.  You can also earn an entry by following the Indie Game Summer Uprising Facebook page.  Finally, you will receive one entry for every review of mine for an Indie Game Summer Uprising title that you retweet on Twitter or share on Facebook.

If this sounds like it’s not cool enough, I’ll sweeten the deal.  If’s Facebook page receives 1,000 likes by August 22, 2011, I will draw an additional card on that date.  And the same goes for my Twitter account.  If it’s followed by 1,000 people by August 22, 2011, I’ll draw another card on that date.  That’s a lot of points to be given away.  Those cards will be drawn on the day the Uprising starts, which means you’ll have plenty of points to buy the games featured in it.

Read the full rules and details at:

Win 1600 Microsoft Points with the Indie Game Summer Uprising and

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