New Gameplay Trailer of Cell:emergence

Last month we had Sheldon Pacotti as a guest on the GameMarx podcast.  In the podcast we talk about Sheldon’s current project, Cell:emergence and the big question – what is this game?!   This was a common question, so Sheldon has released a new trailer explaining the gameplay in detail. Below is the video, and press release from New Life Interactive, LLC.

For immediate release:

“Cell: emergence” Extended Gameplay Video Introduces “Massively Reactive Gameplay”

New Life Interactive, LLC, announced today the release of an extended gameplay video for its first title, “Cell: emergence” (PC, XBLIG). ( The video shows off unusual game mechanics based on “dynamic voxels” — voxels which contain not just visual data but also game-state.

These mechanics layer arcade-style action on top of a “cellular automata” simulation of the human body. Fast-paced yet tactical, the resulting game challenges the player’s mind as well as his reflexes.

“Massively reactive” describes game mechanics that leverage massive processing power for game interactions, rather than just visuals. New Life Interactive believes that massively reactive gameplay will be a fruitful area of innovation for the next generation of games, which will be able to leverage GPGPUs for much more than just visuals.


View the trailer:
Platforms: PC and Xbox Live Indie Games
Release date: targeting August or September 2011

In “Cell: emergence,” players pilot a nanobot through the body of a sick little girl, melting infections with self-replicating colloids, building shields and pathways with buckyfibers, and shredding germs with monofilament “daisycutter” depth-charges.

The game also offers a lean but provocative story, arresting illustrations by Lindsay Rigling Smith of L R Studios (, visionary sound design by Robin Arnott of Wraughk (, creator of Deep Sea (, a game made entirely from sound which won this year’s Independent Propellar Innovation award at SXSW, and professional voice acting cast and produced by Adam Hilton.

Also, musician and composer Logan Middleton of The Laughing ( has created a genre-bending soundtrack, excerpted in the trailer, which maintains a constant tempo throughout the entire game experience. The tempo remains tightly synced from the moment the game is launched to the moment it ends, inducing a state of entrainment in the player’s mind. Enter the world of Cell, and you may never return.


New Life Interactive, LLC is an indie game studio based in Austin, TX that specializes in experimental game concepts and technologies.

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