Dear Microsoft

I came across this while reading my gaming blogs today:

Plain and simple, you need to stop treating Xbox Live Indie developers like third-class citizens. Denying Achievements and proper online options sends a very clear message to the rest of the world – that these games aren’t as important. Given the extensive library of Indie Games already available, bestowing those features on the entire backlog is an impossibility. Even though you brought online gaming and Achievements to the masses, you should take a good long look at what Apple’s done with Game Center. Particular titles that have met specific criteria have earned Game Center support – a tactic Microsoft should ape when it comes to XBLIG. The Windows 7 team has defined a class of games worthy of giving Achievements to players, while still allowing titles of lower caliber to exist without them. If you can do the same for Indie Games – which shouldn’t require more than a set of standards and a small team or willing community to enforce them – you may not have given XBLIG the same respect as the rest of the Xbox library, but you’ve made significant progress.”

Which blog was this?  The Official Xbox Magazine.  Thanks Dave for the article and I hope things are too awkward at the office Tuesday!

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