Stats and Charts for XBLIG at

We just rolled out a sizable update to that has been in the works for over a month.  During the ratings scandal on we made a change to the way data is collected for and  Instead of just looking at the US ratings and votes, we started collecting the stats for all regions.  We also created a log of the Top Rated, Best Selling, and Best Selling Today lists on  With today’s update we now share this data with everyone!

Every game on has a stat page, for example here is Radiangames Crossfire.  On this page is a set of charts showing how the game has ranked over time.  Click the country flags at the top of the page turns off plotting the data for that country.  You can download this data as a CSV file by clicking the blue CSV button under “Game Data” on the left.

The next section we added is a set of Billboard-like sales charts.  The charts show the current top 50 games on the Top Rated, Best Selling, and Best Selling Today lists, and where they ranked one week and one month ago (assuming we have data for those dates).  These charts are available for all countries supporting XBLIG.  You can download the full stats database from this page as well, if you want to analyze the data closer.  This data includes all the we’ve collected for, not just the data show on the charts.

While we’ve worked hard to make sure everything works, this is a pretty big update and you find find some rough spots.  If something isn’t working for you just let us know!

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