Tonight on GameMarx: Andy “The Zman” Dunn

headshot200x225_thumb Tonight’s podcast guest is Andy Dunn, or as most know him, The Zman.

Andy is an XNA MVP and one of the most active supporters of the XNA community and XBLIG.  Andy also stays quite busy writing real code (that goes into real games!).  On the show tonight we plan to explore some of the darker depths of the XNA framework – those performance gotchas you only seem to learn about after you’ve been burned.

Zman’s Diary
The ZBuffer

Exato Game Studio
Exato Youtube Channel
Progenitor Play Test

The podcast is recorded live at 10 PM Est. Friday night.  Join us at and chat with the show cast and other viewers.  If you miss the show don’t worry, it will be posted to the GameMarx YouTube Channel and the GameMarx Podcast.

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