GameMarx is Looking for News and Review Authors

GameMarx is currently looking for a few authors to write news and reviews on Xbox Live Indie Games.  Please understand before sending us an email – we cannot pay anyone!  This is a hobby we are passionate about, but it’s very tough to make a profitable content-driven site and it’s really tough when you are a site covering a game service that makes (effectively) no money for the game studios!

Why should I write for GameMarx?

Because you love Indie Games and the Xbox 360!  The goal of GameMarx to to bring a higher level of visibility to the service by treating it just as a major publisher would.  This means being honest about the games (Indie is not a license to suck!) and about Microsoft’s handling of the service.  It also means being respectful and not going for the cheap shot on the developers (well, not often at least =p).

Because XBLIG range from $1 to $5 it’s not a problem to buy a game for a review, however we get several game tokens for review purposes that are available to authors.  You may not always want to review the games we have tokens for, and you’ll never be required to cover a game you don’t want to. currently sees over 6,000 page views per month and has grown over 9000% in the last year.

Why are you looking for authors?

We have currently been focused on the podcast, and trial videos.  Additionally we have taken on and continue to work on features for both sites.  The side effect is we don’t have as many written reviews and news articles as we would like.

I’m an XBLIG developer, can I write for GameMarx?

Yes!  We are XBLIG developers ourselves.

If write reviews for GameMarx, can I post it to another site?

Yes!  Even if the other site is just your personal blog, your review is your content. 

What should I know about GameMarx?

First, we use a three level rating system – Buy, Try, or Pass. Buy is just that, we recommend someone buy the game.  Pass means to not bother checking out the game.  Try is either a Pass with an interesting quality or a flawed Buy gem, that we recommend someone plays the trial before making a decision.

Second, reviews are the personal opinion of the reviewer. This may sound obvious, but truth is many game reviews assume the role of a “typical gamer” when giving the game a rating.  We decided it’s best not to assume what the reader likes, and post our thoughts and opinion.  This let’s the reviewer’s personal tastes be known, and hopefully readers will begin  know the authors and how well they match up.  In short, we want to give the byline meaning.

What do I need to do to apply?

Send an email to with links to the game reviews you have written.  These reviews can be on your blog, or user reviews on a site like or  They do not have to be reviews of XBLIG, they can be reviews on any type of games.  If you do not have any reviews you can send links to, I recommend going to and creating a blog to post reviews two.  Once you have 3 or 4 reviews up, let us know.

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