Welcome Sunburn and XboxIndies.com Updates

A few site announcements:

First, we want to welcome Synapse Gaming, creators of the Sunburn Game Engine as the first sponsor of GameMarx and XboxIndies!  The team at Synapse have been very supportive of XBLIG and we are glad to have them on the site.  They have also been very patient with us as this is our first time working with a site sponsor =).

Game Comments

When XboxIndies.com was run by Nick, it supported comments on games.  In the transition of the site, this was a feature that was put on hold – until now!  Comments on game pages have returned, and existing comments have been imported.  We are using Disqus to power the comments, and have support for subscribing to a game’s comment feed by email or Rss for any developers wanting to keep tabs on their game.  There is all an All Game Comments Rss feed as well.

New Rss Feeds

In the days before the AppHub was released upon the land, killing the Creator site before it like a Greek tragedy, there were Rss feeds for new and updated Xbox Live Indie Games.  The official feeds may still be dark, but we now have a New Releases Rss feed and a Recently Updated Rss feed.  The feeds include game trailers so I like to think they are better than the official feeds, but I may be biased.  The feeds are also enhanced with additional metadata from the Game’s XML page (details below) – view the feed source to see all the fields available.

Game XML Data

It’s cool to see more projects popping up, like the XBLIG.DATABASE, and we want to make it easy to get game data out of our database.  One day we’ll publish a real API for interacting with the XboxIndies.com database, but today we added Game XML Data pages (ex: ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition).  On each game page there is an XML button on the left to get the game’s data as XML.  (This page is also reachable by adding in “/xml/” to the game’s url between “/game/” and the game title).

The documentation on these pages isn’t up yet, but will be added soon.

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