Dashboard Frozen for Two Weeks Now

I was done, I was out.  No more posts of stats showing Microsoft’s incompetence and/or neglect of XBLIG.  I accepted itJust when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

So what is the issue this time?  It’s the same old issues from before.  The lists on Xbox.com and the Xbox Dashboard are “frozen” meaning no updates to the game positions in the Top Downloads or Best Selling lists.  This is pretty sad given a recent statement by Microsoft last month:

We have recently made changes to the way games are chosen and sorted in the Xbox LIVE Indie Games top downloads channel on the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

Previously games were selected and ordered based on the previous day’s sales information. This caused an illusion of the channel being frozen if sales data was delayed as well as exposing an instability in the channel due to occasional daily spikes.

If this is an illusion, David Blaine needs to look for a new job:

may_freeze All those games sticking to the 1800 line?  They are all frozen at the bottom of the list, having the misfortune to be released during yet another dashboard freeze.  No matter how well they perform, they will sit at the bottom of the list.  These games missed their opportunity to earn a place on the Best Selling or Top Downloads list. 

Microsoft hasn’t made a single comment to developers since it was reported on the 15th and escalated by the MVPsRemember this guy?  They really should put him in charge, so Microsoft starts respecting developers!

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