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Review of Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 1 on XBLIG: Try
So there I was on a foreign planet in just my skivvies, looking for my space ship.

Oozi: Earth Adventure answers the age old question of what to do when you’ve crash landed on a strange planet in the buff.  Apparently, I will collect stars and kill snails that seem friendly, but bite the heck out of my shins.   Then I will travel to find my clothes (oddly enough, I’m in good shape). Reequipping them I discover powers I thought to have been lost along with my ship.

Oozi is a basic 2D platformer with a few twists and surprises.  The updated graphics made game play enjoyable, but I found myself getting confused between then foreground and background.  The cute story line provided some chuckles. The controls are very easy to learn; only having to move left/right and jump at the beginning. Double jump and “slam” are added later on and make gameplay much more exciting. I solely needed these to keep myself entertained.  After 2 levels of getting every star possible, I found myself asking, “why am I wasting time when my health is maxed?”  Every 200 stars will yield 1 unit of health, but only to a max of 3.  In full disclosure I died a few times learning the boss encounter.  This added a little degree of difficulty to what was elementary in the play thru.

Beating the stages unlocks additional content.  In addition to Story Mode there are 2 additional modes of game play: Challenge and Arcade.  With the ease in which I beat the game I did not think either  would present a challenge.  Taking 30 minutes to complete the first challenge,  I was humbled.  There are 7 different challenge stages of which I only completed 3.  To prevent any damage to my controller or TV I decided it is best to stop playing.  Playing thru the arcade mode, I found myself extremely bored as it was the same as standard play with the addition of racing against the clock.

A few items would have made Oozi much more enjoyable.  I cannot stress how badly I wanted a run button.  Have you ever tried playing thru Super Mario Brothers without the sprinting?  It’s like that.  I also would like a scoreboard from killing creatures along with the star points.  Maybe a super star that would give me an additional life block, and that would provide a reason for exploring the different areas.

Oozi is a Try. Those who enjoy classic 2D platformer style games should check this game out. The graphics and high difficulty of the challenge stages are entertaining.  The game is great for children and the ease of the levels will not leave them frustrated, but the more experienced gamer might find something lacking.

A copy of Oozi: Earth Adventures was provided to GameMarx for this review by the developer.

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