XboxIndies: It’s a Brave New World (Ranking)

Note: I’m writing this from because we don’t have our site announcement system up yet at

Today the game ratings changed at XboxIndies.  Previously the ratings were only the US Marketplace ratings.  Now the ratings reflect the combined rating of all Xobx Live Marketplaces.  This includes the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, and Spain.

Nerd note:  The combined ratings represent the weighted mean (aka average).  There are of course other methods to combine the score, but we feel this is most representative.  For the non-math nerd, this mean if Timmy’s game has 4 stars and 10 votes in the US, and 5 stars and 2 votes in Japan, the weighted average is 4.17 stars.  In this method all votes are counted the same, if we just combined the ratings into a 4.5, the a vote from Japan would have counted more than a vote from the US.

Another feature we launched this weekend is creating “Pivot Links”.  Below the XboxIndies Pivot is a “Get Link To This View” button that will copy a URL to your clipboard.  This URL will allow you to share a Pivot search.  An example, here is a Pivot of games with a World Ranking of 4 Stars or more, grouped by Genre.

Under the hood, XboxIndies is now tracking the daily positions of XBLIGs in the Top Rate, Best Selling Today, and Best Selling All-Time lists, for all regions.  In the next week or so this data will begin to surface on the site.  If you’re one of those developers exploiting the ratings system you may want to stop.   XBLIG ratings and rankings are about to get very transparent.

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