Kotaku’s Favorites list coming to Xbox Live Indie Games

An announcement was just posted to the XNA Game Studio Team Blog:

“Kotaku’s Favorites” launches today as a new section on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. The list will be updated regularly by the staff of Kotaku, the popular blog for video game news, reviews, cheats, and design. Kotaku is a strong supporter of the indie gaming community and their selections will be great indicators of the quality that Xbox LIVE Indie Games developers provide.

Veteran XBLIG’ers will recall the former IGN list that used to exist on the Xbox dashboard.  Whatever the intent was by IGN, the reality was they rarely updated the list, and when they did the selection of titles left you scratching your head.  I had to wonder if the person picking titles at IGN even played the games, and found it highly ironic that IGN would claim XBLIG is dead while not even aware they were part of the problem.

I for one, welcome our new Kotaku overlords.  In the past, Kotaku has covered more drama of XBLIG than the games themselves.  Often a “review” on Kotaku admits to not having played more than a trial.  Now however they will need to be more involved, because if not I’m sure they will hear it in the comments at their site.  And have you read how vicious comments can get on Kotaku?  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…

Kotaku, if you’re reading this and need a place to start, we have a list.

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