Light’s End is a little light toward the end.

Review of Light’s End on XBLIG: Pass
You are the spark of the Divine within us all.

While I started out liking Light’s End, I didn’t like this game in the end. I didn’t like the graphics throughout. I didn’t like the initial main female character. She is a whiny, bratty, know-it-all and she and her friends get a harsh introduction to real life that went from satisfying me to making me feel unwanted pity for them. I didn’t like the mechanics once I understood them. Not because they were difficult. Because they were nauseatingly simple.

This is a story-puzzler RPG. There is absolutely no fighting whatsoever. Not with a menu screen. Not in a quicktime event. Not as the main action. No. Fighting. Of anything controllable by the player, anyways. You have to use sometimes random seeming utterances to cause events to happen in a way that progresses the story. From the trial I thought that this was some character building before the main girl magically goes and gets awesome fighting abilities and goes and kicks major butt. Disappointingly this was not the case.

Slight spoiler here (although if you pay better attention in the first 5 minutes of the game than I did the 1st time then this is nothing you didn’t already know): the player is the wisp of light. You are the child-spark of the Divine. Jesus, if you will. Jesus will control all of the action with the goal being presumably the release of the Divine from his self-induced prison. This incidentally will destroy all of creation in an instant.

By the end, which I played three times before catching the clue that the game was trying to shove down my throat, I wanted the world to burn. Not that it was any more or less messed up than the one we live in. Just that all the characters I got to play with any significance managed to annoy me to no end with their over dramatic speech and idiotic plot devices.

This game is a Pass. You can probably beat it in a few hours if you want to. If you have the stomach for the angsty teenager melodrama. I need somebody beating the other to a pulp to be able to take a JRPG storyline.

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