Super Tank Run needs the Power Pad.

Review of Super Tank Run on XBLIG: Try
Four lanes. One tank.

Super Tank Run seems like a cross between Track and Field and Excite Bike. There are four lanes that have to be navigated. There are speed up/extra point items to collect. Don’t hit the barricades. Go as long as possible for a higher score.

In the trial mode you have two Play options: Defensive and 60 Second Run.

Defensive is like most of the modes. A single crash into a barricade will kill you. Switch between the lanes and collect the coins where you can. Your scores from three tries stack up for your score. Survive as long as possible.

60 Second Run is the only one where you can crash into the barricades. Coins speed you up and give extra points. Barricades subtract points. Get a high score.

80MSP will give you the other three modes: Versus, Offensive, and Turret Toss.

Versus pits up to eight people against one another in a pass-the-controller play. Defensive, Offensive, or 60 Second Run. I would have liked Turret Toss to be on that list…

Offensive is a lot like Defensive only I got to shoot red tanks instead of collecting coins.

Turret Toss is the most interesting and frustrating all in one. The point is to have the top of the tank (the section where presumably the player resides) land the furthest distance from the starting point as possible, triple jump style. Merely detonate the tank to dislodge it forward along the never ending roadway. Best of three tries is the official count. Hitting a barricade is a foul. There is a fine line between going the distance by dodging through the barricades like a healthy gazelle and being taken out by the barricades before I could gracefully detonate and get a higher score.

I will give this game one huge bonus in it’s favor. They got an indie band to make the background song for their game. Quite unfortunately for them, although I like the genre I don’t like the song for longer than about six minutes. That’s not long enough to hear the entire song unless I got on a good tear because the song resets if your tank resets. I just wanted them to go away after the fifth time I heard the intro to that same song. Played over. And over. Again. And again. I do suggest spending an entire Trial just in the Main Menu Screen so you can hear the whole song. The song does seem to change pitch as the game speeds up. The coin collecting sound definitely gets higher. I don’t feel that that’s exactly on purpose but it does seem to be in metre to the song.

There is no story to this game as far as I could tell by just playing. There is some sort of sorry reason why you’re driving the tank in the game description menu: “Trapped deep in an enemy city, separated from your platoon and the only way out is the heavily defended highway. You know you wont make it, but you must try.” This is not the Killdozer you are looking for. It is fun for a while though. It’s too bad that I find the XBOX controller a hindrance to this kind of game.

The graphics are OK except for an issue I didn’t notice at first because of how I interpret things I see. I’m pretty close legally blind and have always used colors to differentiate between objects more than what they look like. So when you get the extreme blur effect from going fast enough that the barricades and coins begin to have bullet-time, I stop paying attention to how they look individually. Which is good. While you can focus on the tank (it never blurs) you can’t follow an individual object from one side of the screen to the other. This will bother a good number of people, I think.

This game is a Try. I thought that as soon as I picked it up the first time. There is little here for someone that doesn’t remember trying to get their initials in the Pac Man cabinet in the pizza parlor and longs for something like that to come again. There is enough that I think everyone should play it to see if it catches you.

A copy of Super Tank Run was provided to GameMarx for this review by the developer.

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