A New Podcast – Xbox Indie New Releases

Well, “new” I suppose is relative.  It is a new podcast in the sense we are setting up RSS feeds and iTunes, but it’s not new in the sense of content.  Each week on the GameMarx podcast we run down the list of new releases for the week and give our thoughts after having played the trial.  This new podcast will just be the new releases discussion of the main podcast, released separately.  The main podcast will still have new releases.

If you want to follow just the new releases and don’t have time or desire to listen to discussion of Apple TV as a game console rumors, then this podcast is for you.  If you love hearing about crazy Kinect conspiracy theories, then stick with the official GameMarx podcast.

It will take a bit to get the site setup for the second podcast, and get it listed in iTunes.  In the meantime, I’ll just post it here for download or streaming.

Download MP3

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