Indies and XNA at CodeStock 2011

If you follow the podcast, you’ve heard us talk about CodeStock.  Codestock is a two day community organized conference held in Knoxville, TN – this year on June 3-4, 2011.  Each year the topics speakers have submitted are posted on the site and attendees who register early can vote on which topics they would like to see at the event.  I first heard of XNA myself at CodeStock 2008 during a session by XNA MVP Chris Williams.  (Not to brag, but I’ve also attended XNA MVP Char Carter sessions at CodeStock too!)

Now CodeStock isn’t a game developers conference, but it is a conference for someone interested in game development.  There is a wide array of topics this year, so if you lead a dual life of web developer by day and game developer by night both personalities can find something at CodeStock.  You might also be able to convince the boss into paying for the trip based on the “corporate” sessions while planning to sneak in a few game developer sessions.  The early bird price is $60, so even if the boss won’t cover it you might just take friday off and go anyway!

Here are the Game Developer sessions up for voting at CodeStock 2011:

Beginning Xbox 360 development with the XNA Framework

While many of us dream of jobs in game development, XNA Game Studio and Microsoft’s AppHub give you the tools necessary to make and publish your own games for the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace. Attendees will given a brief overview of using XNA Game Studio to create software for the Xbox 360.

Creating a 3D Particle System in XNA

In this session we will create a 3D particle system and test out several particle effects that can be loaded into our 3D world.

Creating Games for Windows Phone 7 with XNA 4.0

This topic covers the specific features added to XNA 4.0 to support Windows Phone 7. We’ll cover device orientation, accelerometer, gestures, push notifications, choosers & launchers and more.

Getting Kinect’ed – Making your new toy work with C# and XNA

So you got a Kinect for Christmas… you’re a gamer, a developer, a geek and maybe you want to see what else this device is good for. This session will cover what you need, where to get it, how to set up your development environment and how to do cool and interesting things with the Kinect using c# and xna.

Lets XNA on the phone!

Its true! We can have fun at building great games with XNA on the amazing new Windows Phone 7!! Come and see how easy it is to build a very simple game to begin with and then turn it into a lot of hours of playing fun on your phone. We will write a simple game using the emulator and then deploy it to a Windows Phone 7 device. Topics covered: Creating art using blender / other graphics tools Creating sound Using accelerometer in your game Simple game logic Hours of fun!! A brief overview will be provided of the app submission process.

Windows Phone 7 Game Development with XNA

Creating games for Windows Phone 7 is a lot of fun. Come to the session to see some of the things that make developing an XNA game for Windows Phone 7 different from the Xbox 360 or Windows.

Xbox 360 Indie Game Design Using XNA

The methods for producing quality games that perform in real time are much different than the methods used to produce quality productivity software. This session will present attendees with the nuances of proper game design by introducing topics such as the game loop, collision detection, and processing inputs from analog devices.

XNA Game Studio 4: Reach vs HiDef

Come and learn about the changes in XNA 4.0. Learn about the two different profiles available when creating XNA games.

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