Xbox Live Indie Game Podcasts

The week VVG started a new podcast, the VVGindiecast.  I thought it would be a good time to do a roundup of podcasts that are dedicated to or cover Xbox Live Indie Games.  Of course I hope you subscribe to the GameMarx Podcast, or the Xbox Indie New Releases segment we release as a separate podcast for those without the time or desire to listen to us go on for a full hour.

Armless OctocastRSS – As far as I know, the crew at Armless Octopus are the only other podcast fully dedicated to Xbox Live Indie Games.

Podcasts that cover Xbox 360 and include Xbox Indie Games:

VVGindiecastRSS – New podcast from the crew at VVG who are very active in covering Xbox Live Indie Games as well as XBLA titles.

Signed In: An Xbox 360 PodcastRSS – A podcast covering all game types on Xbox 360 including a healthy amount of Xbox Indies.

Podcast that cover Indie Games and include Xbox Indie Games: PodcastRSS – Covering all Indie Game platforms, does mention the occasional XBLIG title.

DIYGamer PodcastRSS – Another podcast that covers all Indie Game platforms including XBLIG.

There aren’t many, but I’m sure I’ve missed some.  If you know of others that should be in this list, just let us know in the comments.

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