Cthulhu Saves the World has an Official Music Video

One of these days I’ll get to posting my rant on XBLIG trailer videos.  It’s understandable, most game trailers are made by the developers and after spending months (years!) in development you want to show off the game play.  Sadly, game play makes for a very poor trailer.  A good trailer is a tease, nothing more.  A good trailer leaves the viewer wanting to see more – you know, so they actually go check out the game? 

Which is what makes this this “music video” trailer for Cthulhu Saves the World so great.  It tells me hardly anything about the game – what the quest is, what the game mechanics are, how the spell system works, and why the hell am I playing Cthulhu who is trying to save the world?!  Shouldn’t I be destroying it?  These are the exactly the type of things you want viewers to wonder and be forced to have to check out the game to answer!

(side note, Zeboyd Games forgot to link in the trailer at the App hub site, so I put it here as it won’t show on our game page).

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