Sales data frozen: 2011, meet 2010

The new year for XBLIG seems to be off to a typical start for the new year.  The sales data for Xbox Live Indie Games that developers can pull for their games is currently stuck on December 30, 2010.  Why is this important?  When the sales data is frozen, the top sales/downloads lists do not update and games that might have made it from new releases to the top lists get passed over. 

In the past it has taken a week or more for things to resume normally and can be pretty crushing to a games potential.  To date, Microsoft has never done anything for games that release during a freeze, not even an apology.  To any future and current developers out there – avoid releasing right before the quarter ends, it’s not worth the risk!

Side note – Zeboyd Games has now released two major RPGs during a freeze.  So maybe you should just avoid releasing the same time they do, incase they jinx the system!

(via forums sales data frozen again)

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