Years in Review or How the Best Stack Up

With 2010 coming to a close it’s common for review sites to choose a game of the year and give out awards for notable achievements.  What to do though if you haven’t been a review site for the full year?  And what about all those games we’ve been reviewing that were released before 2010?  We can’t just ignore them!

A month ago I helped create a trailer video for Xbox Live Indie Games.  Roughly 30 games were packed into 15 seconds – the idea being something would catch the eye of a gamer and cause them to seek out more information on XBLIG.  To choose the list of games I took games with a 4+ star rating over 500+ votes.  The list got shuffled a bit from there, as even with that strict of criteria there were more than 30 titles.  I wasn’t able to track down every developer for permission, but the majority responded and gave permission.

Why do I bring this up?  Because the “trailer games list” is our list of XBLIG 2010.  It’s actually our list of XBLIG 2008-2010.  Instead of announcing a game of the year for 2010, we’ve decided to post reviews for all games in the trailer video.  If you’re interested to see how the list of top rated XBLIG hold up to our staff’s reviews, grab an RSS feed and come with us as we post a few reviews each day until the list is complete!

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