Kick it Old School in Get Rich or Die Gaming

Review of Get Rich or Die Gaming on XBLIG: Buy
Get Rich or Die Gaming brings back warm memories of humorous point and click PC adventure games.

Police Quest, Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry: these are the games of my youth.  Later I turned to The Secret of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, and Ultima VII (which became a gateway drug from point and click adventures to role playing games).  My first thoughts upon seeing the box art and screen shots for Get Rich were, “ooohh, please let this be a throwback point and click adventure!”.

I was not disappointed.  Get Rich isn’t inspired by point and click adventure games, it is a point and click adventure game right down to a mouse cursor for selecting items.  The controls were a little confusing.  In some screens the right thumb stick moves the mouse and in others it is the left thumb stick.  This switch happens depending on when Wilson Cooper, the hero of the adventure, is able to walk around the screen or not.

Wilson starts out playing his favorite video game Defense of the Ancients, aka DotA.  If you haven’t heard of DotA don’t feel bad, it’s a mod to Warcraft III that has gained a cult following.  His indie gaming paradise is shattered when Father walks in and demands to know why the “butterfly game” that Wilson was supposed to programming isn’t finished.  When Wilson protests he wants to work on DotA instead, Father kicks him out into the street.

I’m sure Father’s intent was good, but on the street Wilson learns how to extort money and sell drugs.  He encounters an odd cast of characters including an eccentric billionaire, a drug addicted salesman, a internet cafe owner in a Pikachu costume, and a bakery chef that for some unexplained reason has a pitchfork and scythe on his back.  All characters are voice acted, none of them are particularly voiced well but the voice acting does add to the enjoyment of the game.

The game play is rather simple.  There are no choices to make, and most of the tasks Wilson performs involve fetching an item from one character and delivering it to another.  I never found myself stuck on one task too long; generally if I didn’t have the right item to proceeded it meant I needed to retrace my steps for an overlooked item.  The game is short, I finished the game in a hour and never made use of the save game system.

Even though the game is short, I give Get Rich or Die Gaming a solid Buy.  I initially started the game with the intent of checking out the trial to see if it warranted a full review but found myself sucked in and playing the whole game.  There is a well told story and the short length means it does not over stay its welcome.  Without revealing any spoilers, I will say the ending made me smile and is well worth the 80 point price tag. 

Looking at Get Rich in terms of graphics, voice acting, and length it would be easy to find fault and give a lower rating.  Indeed, looking at the 2 star rating the game has at the time of my review on, many are.  I however had fun playing Get Rich and look forward to more titles like this from Baller Industries

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