Unfortunate name for something so kawaii…

Review of コロンでジャンプ on XBLIG: Buy
Don’t let a different language bar you from teh kyuteness!! (^w^)

This game’s translated name is “Jump in Colon”. That’s not a typo. “Koron” seems to be an unfortunate shortening of “koropokkuru” – a race of elfin creatures literally interpreted from Ainu as “people below the leaves of the butterbur plant”. This is a forced sidescroller – one of those games where both the trailing edge of the screen and most objects that you’re not to collect (almost anything other than acorns) will kill you.

Colon (I’m assuming that’s the character’s name) is the super-cute main chararcter with a leaf parasol. She lives in the city with her grandmother and a pigeon that is sometimes their steed. Each level has it’s trademark enemy/obstacle featured under the Stage No.X screen. There are intermittent Bonus stages for extra points that are one screen long. Collect enough acorns (with the golden ones being worth about 10x the normal ones) and you’ll get another life. Between the main story stages is the opportunity to save your progress. Do so (hai!).

For those of you who don’t read Japanese here’s a quick primer on the game’s mechanics. “A” is jump. “X” in the air is glide. Down is crouch. Down and forward is crawl. Start brings up the controls and something about rating the game and the XBOX guide button stopping the demo time(?). [My Japanese is rudimentary at best so some of the things that pop up on the screen are as murky as ancient Greek.] There is also a cute little “not a level” game control screen accessible from the main menu that also gives you the controls to the game in simple “do what the sign says” fashion. The music goes well with everything and the story doesn’t need text explanation for you to understand what’s going on.

The game is short. My initial playthrough almost had me finished with the game within the demo time limit. I think I may have been playing it on easy though because after purchasing and then finishing the game I started it on the setting I hadn’t tried before and that was a much better challenge. The story is the same for either setting and so is the length of the game. Once you’ve beaten it once, the main menu gives you an “animation” option which is just the story boards for if you want to show someone just the story.

I give this game a Buy even with the brevity of gameplay. It’s something you won’t mind perfecting the jumps for to see if you can do it perfectly as a personal challenge.

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