Please Excuse Our Mess

Hello and welcome to the site beta!

We’ve still got a number of things to add to the site, and we have a few performance issues to clean up as well as design tweaks coming, but we feel the site is at a point to let in the internet.  As you check the site you may encounter some errors or things we can do better.  Please let us a note in the forums or send us an email at contact at

Our goal for the site is to push Xbox Live Indie Games into the mainstream by providing a 1st class review website.  We don’t plan to be the only voice on the site, in the future the site will allow user reviews and developer press releases.  Our tag line, “where gamers control the means of production” isn’t just a cool play on our name either, we hope to nudge a few gamers over to the developers list.

Even though we’re beta, don’t keep us a secret – tell you friends, tell your mom, and tell your mom’s friends: GameMarx is here!

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