New Dashboard Lists and XNA 4.0

Via the Creators Club App Hub forums comes reports that the new Kinect-enabled dashboard will add some love for Xbox Live Indie Games.  From the forums, BigDaddio writes:

The new XBLIG channel is really different and If I may say probably for the better.Instead of the old way of browsing each genre has it’s own channel and top 50 list. On top of that each genre can also be sorted by Newest, Top Downloaded, Top Rated and Title. Each except for Title giving you a list of the top 50 games. It’s really pretty freaking cool.

The only way for the user to see an absolute overall top downloads now is to select Titles A-Z, scroll all the way down to the end of the alphabet, select ALL, then scroll over 3 choices to Top Downloaded. I’d say the terror of the Top 20 list is over.

The dashboard is still in beta and subject to change, but hopefully this “freaking cool” change stays.  Surfacing top titles by genre will help smaller genres like puzzle games get better exposure to types of gamers who would enjoy them.

Microsoft has also announced a target date of “this fall” for XNA 4.0 on Xbox.  XNA 4.0 is full of goodies for all platforms, not just Windows Phone, including my personal favorite more built in effect shaders.  There is a full list of the new XNA 4.0 features at MSDN.

XNA 4.0 also marks the end of the support for Zune and Zune HD.  Let’s have a moment of silence for them both.

Zune HD, we hardly knew ye.

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